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Sharpshot Nature .Com 02306-tod-035974 Barred Owl

Barred Owl
Barred Owl

Sharpshot Nature .Com 02306-tod-035974 Barred Owl [Reblog from 2022]

NIKON D7500 – ƒ/6.3 1/125 600mm ISO7200 – Savanna Portage State Park, MN

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5 thoughts on “Sharpshot Nature .Com 02306-tod-035974 Barred Owl

  1. Awesome, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful!!!

  3. Lulu: “Hey, Charlee, did you cats ever notice that owl faces look a lot like your faces?”
    Charlee: “What? You’re crazy. They don’t have whiskers. We don’t have beaks. They don’t have fur. We don’t have feathers.”
    Lulu: “But they do have big round eyes.”
    Charlee: “The better to see you in the dark. Mwah ha ha ha ha!”

  4. ❤️

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