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Sharpshot Nature .Com 01735-tod-033683 Common Goldeneye

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye

2021-03-04 01735-tod-033683 Common Goldeneye

NIKON D7500 – ƒ/9 1/640 600mm ISO100 – La Crosse, WI

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4 thoughts on “Sharpshot Nature .Com 01735-tod-033683 Common Goldeneye

  1. (fyi, not sure why, but for some days now I not getting your posts in my feed. I’m going to unsubscribe and resubscribe and see if that helps?)

    1. Did it help?

      1. Nope, the recent post is not in my feed. I went to your account to catch up. Wierd.

        1. Thanks for trying anyway! 🙂

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