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Sharpshot Nature .Com 02583-tod-019371 Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily

2023-06-30 02583-tod-019371 Tiger Lily

NIKON D7100 – ƒ/7.1 1/200 60mm ISO200 – Brooklyn Center, MN

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8 thoughts on “Sharpshot Nature .Com 02583-tod-019371 Tiger Lily

  1. This is an amazing lily .

  2. Beautifully captured.

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  4. I know the Tiger Lili. When I was a child we had a whole field of them in front of our house in the clay dirt sloping down to the gravel road below. They are so beautiful.

  5. Wonderful captured!

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    Blessed and Happy afternoon 🌞

    Greetings pk 🌎🇪🇸

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